Adding My Voice to The Conversation

speak upI have been a somewhat quiet observer of the body positive movement in the last year. Sure, I post things to Facebook and I’ve joined a couple of groups but I haven’t really joined the conversation because I’ve felt like I didn’t quite fit in.  Continue reading

Fresh New Start to the Same Old Me

new start

I have once again let this bad boy go stale. Not intentionally of course. I’ve had nothing but the best of intentions for posting. Even built up a backlog of draft posts that I couldn’t get quite right and ideas I couldn’t quite get organized into words. Ideas came and went, but this little peach stayed stale and empty nonetheless.

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Who is that girl in the mirror? Oh right, me. Awesome!

Feet with heart on it

I am a frequent gym attendee. I don’t exactly know how that happened as I hate working out but by some small miracle, I found my sweet spot. Most days, this means I spend my time focused on just getting through the workout (because I still hate it). Yesterday though, I spent too much time looking at the girl in the mirror and breaking her down. It’s not a good feeling. Continue reading

Body Image Work Doesn’t Go On Vacation

Vacation, just out the window.

Vacation, just out the window.

I am on a much need mini-vacation. I’m in sunny California for a long weekend with a good friend, The Lindz. By all accounts, this should be a weekend of unwinding, drinking wine and enjoying life. I packed all my favorite clothes. I’ve gathered all my new books to read. I’ve started a list of all the places I want to eat….

…. And then all the fun comes to a screeching halt. Enter all of my insecure body thoughts. This weekend I’ll be surrounded by new people. I’ll be drinking more than normal. I’ll be eating differently. I won’t be able to control my world as tightly. Suddenly, all the joy and exhilaration I had from taking a vacation is gone, replaced with insecurities.  Continue reading

The Shorts Dilemma

walking buddies

Bella and the short shorts.

I wore short shorts on Sunday! Outside, no less.

Fun fact: I’m not a big fan of shorts. Unfun fact: It’s because I’m not a big fan of my legs. But I’m working on it. One of my goals for this year is to confidently wear shorts. It seems so silly when you see it in print but this year I’m working on my body image and I struggle to love my legs.

The past few summers, I have spent the warm days in Washington, wearing capris or pants. Unless it’s really, REALLY hot or I’m in private, I don’t show my legs. I don’t wear skirts, shorter dresses or shorts hardly ever. It’s ridiculous. I get hot and sticky and still hide my legs.

But they’re just legs. I could go on about the reasons I don’t love them but really, each reason is really dumb. So instead, I’m going to tell you why I love them and why I practiced wearing shorts in the rain. Continue reading

My Goals for 2015 – Learning How to be Audrea

Audrea's 2015 Goals

Audrea’s 2015 Goals

At the beginning of the year it’s pretty normal to make a New Years Resolution. I never do. However, I did start building up some annual goals for work. While I did that I got inspired to write life goals for the rest of my time.

I identified areas I wanted to work on and things I could do to start making changes. You are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down, so I did. I ordered them according to personal priority and hung them on my wall. Continue reading