Life Lessons Learned from Travel Anxiety

Airplane travel sign

I have a serious love/hate relationship with traveling. On one hand, I love going to new places, getting out of my routine. I also love flying. On the other hand, I get extreme anxiety from going through security lines, managing boarding passes and managing the to and from details of an airport.

And it’s not just flying, although that’s probably the worst of it. I love road trips but hate sitting in the car for hours at a time. I think travel is amazing and yet packing sends me into a panicked frenzy that affects anyone who gets near me.   Continue reading

Single Shaming. Can we knock it off already?

Single man staring at landscape

Single shaming is a bit of a tongue twister for me. It also happens to get my blood boiling. If you haven’t heard the term before, you might assume it’s a product of the over-sensitive and easily offended. As someone who doesn’t consider herself overly sensitive, easily offended, nor single, I can assure you it’s real and it’s time we stop doing it.

Single shaming usually starts innocently enough with asking a question like, “Are you seeing anyone?” These tactics are  primarily focused on women. It absolutely happens to men, but it’s not as prevalent. Continue reading

What Are You Afraid Of?

not afraidI subscribed to a writing prompt service a little while back and it has generated some of the most interesting thought experiments for me. As I’ve been a little bit of a slacker with publishing lately, you won’t have seen them but I’ve got about 7 drafts right now that have come from using Daily Page.

Daily Page is a writing prompt that encourages you to write daily and offers prompts. It’s got a very clean and easy platform for writing and provides stats on your frequency if you use their platform. You can mark you writings public or private and read the public writings of others using the service. I don’t post on the platform since I have this blog, but I’m also not publishing on the blog since I seem to get all my drafts to 75% complete before getting distracted. My new goal is to actually get to the point where I publish those drafts. I’ll probably forget that goal in about 10 minutes.

Continue reading

100 Happy Days: Let’s see how this goes!

100happy daysDo you ever wonder about your life? What your purpose is? Why you bother to get up in the morning, go into work and then come home, only to rinse, repeat the next day?

Lately, life seems to be going a mile a minute and I’ve been feeling like I’m barely hanging on. I made a decision last week that I wasn’t going to sit around and let the chaos outside ruin my internal peace. But of course, I’m really terrible at keeping calm (like ever!) so I started looking for tools to help me. Continue reading

Somedays You Just Have to Laugh

Photo credit: Flickr user Chris Huggins

Photo credit: Flickr user Chris Huggins

Today is one of those days. Nothing seems to be going right and all the pieces refuse to fall into place. It’s late in the evening and I am still online slugging along with a project when I realize that my developers have duplicated my users.

This probably doesn’t mean much to you. But for me, it’s the end of the day and I just learned that there is a lot more work to be done. This is the project that never ends. I started to get annoyed. I started to complain.

And then, I decided instead to laugh. Continue reading

Daily Dealings With A Stressaholic

Photo by Flickr user Bernard Goldbach

Photo by Flickr user Bernard Goldbach

This morning has gone horribly wrong. I woke up late. I shattered a mug. I spilled my coffee on my shirt. I left the house late. And then, on the commute in, I saw someone had hit a raccoon.

It was still in the street writhing in pain. Nothing breaks my heart like seeing an animal suffer. I was late though so I couldn’t stop to do anything or else I risked missing my ferry. I have an early meeting so I really can’t miss the boat.

My normal Wednesday has shifted into a stressful morning of unrest. Continue reading