How to Demotivate a Team in 5 Easy Steps!


My, your pom poms are so fluffy!

Team goals and motivation are interesting topics. Individually, goals can be a performance metric but as a team, goals can help solidify the direction you go in. Team goals create a sense of community and help the team come together to accomplish something bigger than the individual could do on their own. Continue reading

Fresh New Start to the Same Old Me

new start

I have once again let this bad boy go stale. Not intentionally of course. I’ve had nothing but the best of intentions for posting. Even built up a backlog of draft posts that I couldn’t get quite right and ideas I couldn’t quite get organized into words. Ideas came and went, but this little peach stayed stale and empty nonetheless.

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What’s the Difference Between Boss and Leader?

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If you had to choose, would you be a boss or a leader. I’d like to think of myself as a leader┬ábut then self-doubt starts to set in.

I am no one’s boss. I’ve been called a leader on my team but my title is the same as every other team mate. I have a boss and he’s fantastic. However, I’m learning that no matter how good your boss is, there are always going to be spaces for leaders to emerge. Continue reading

4 Leadership Lessons Learned by Living with a Life Partner

LeadershipTry saying that 4 times really fast! But I digress…

In my head, I’m the boss at home- this may very likely only be true in my head. Nevertheless, I have the furniture set just how I like it. I have the cleaning list and schedule according to my preferences and I also dictate the grocery list. I am queen in my castle.

Unfortunately, I am not the only resident of my castle. I live with the most wonderful partner ever, the Colbster. He is kind and thoughtful and caring. He has an fantastic sense of humor and makes a phenomenal steak. He is also a bit of a slob with wildly different tastes in music and TV. He has different priorities. This makes me better most of the time but it also leads to struggles. Our life together is 95% joy mixed with 5% of us arguing over Top Gear versus Game of Thrones. Continue reading