viggo sit

I’m the one trapped under the office dog. His name is Viggo.

Hi there and welcome!

I’m Audrea Fink. I love all things tea, coffee, cookbooks, social media & pit-bull related. I’m an animal lover and I prefer to be close to the great outdoors – unless it’s raining. Then I’m cool with being inside. I enjoy coaching and believe that leadership is about listening – not talking. Having said that, I talk a lot. I laugh a lot. I raise my voice a lot and half the time don’t notice that I’m shouting. I am easily excited.

This site is being constructed to give me a home base for all the things Audrea. It’s a learning tool for me as well as somewhere to blow off steam, tell bad jokes and laugh at myself. You’re welcome to laugh along. It might be a little scattered but that just means it’s authentically me.

You can find me socially in the following spots as well:

Twitter: @audreafink and @earlsteeper

Instagram: Audrea11

LinkedIn: AudreaMarieFink

Pinterest: AudreaFink

Email: Audrea.Fink [at] gmail.com

LexBlog: Audrea Fink

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