Fresh New Start to the Same Old Me

new start

I have once again let this bad boy go stale. Not intentionally of course. I’ve had nothing but the best of intentions for posting. Even built up a backlog of draft posts that I couldn’t get quite right and ideas I couldn’t quite get organized into words. Ideas came and went, but this little peach stayed stale and empty nonetheless.

I’ve got a couple of the usual excuses, time, busy, blah, blah. But if I’m honest, I just got stuck trying to find my voice and figuring out where I fit in the conversation. Then I got stuck(er) trying to figure out which conversation I should “belong” to. Can I have more than one? 

Lately, I have been distracted with learning how to be a better leader in a space where your title means almost nothing (until something goes wrong and then it’s your job to fix it). I work with an incredible team so there is no need to be a manager, but a coach, an ally, a mentor, a fighter, a protector, a good example is absolutely required. Plus the need for these roles can shift and change quickly.

Writing about a topic can be an fantastic way to learn. Writing about it can help you digest and grow into a subject, so blogging about it seems fitting. But at this point, I’m winging it 100% of the time. Work is so busy and frantic at times, I forget to life, let alone blog about my journey. Can I keep up with this?

I’ve also been so incredibly inspired lately by the body positive movement. Eeek!! So many amazing voices out there and I want to join in. I love the message of loving yourself. I love  the idea of revolting against unhealthy and unrealistic body norms.

But I fall into the realm of medium girl. I’m not skinny, I’m not overly fit, I’m not plus sized and I’ve managed to avoid any major eating disorders so I feel like lending my voice seems so privileged. Even my body image issues are rather mild. Do I belong here?

I don’t know if I can keep up with a blog on learning leadership. I’m not sure if my voice is the best fit for discussing the importance of valuing bodies – regardless of what they look like. I also really like to talk about my pets, tea, and the world as it appears in my reality.

I had a lovely chat today with Katherine McCoy, the blogger of Grand, Gold Year and she had some great advice. Just start writing. Nothing magical, nothing grandiose. Just join into the conversation and see where it takes you.

I’m taking her advice (& seriously, go follow her, you’ll be hooked) and trying to focus on adding to the conversation. I’m not a leadership blogger or a body positive blogger, but maybe I could be if I just started. It’s a new year, why not?

Photo credit: Cropped image by Flickr user Ashley Coates

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