A Love Letter Five Years In The Making

One of my favorite pics of us

September 12 marks the 5 year anniversary of me and the Colbster. Um… excuse me? That’s insane. Five years seems like nothing and forever. 

Yesterday we spent our anniversary tooling around together- doing a lot of nothing. We went to brunch at the Bremerton Bar & Grill which has his favorite breakfast. We hit up Lowes for a few home items and then decided to go wine tasting before heading home for a steak dinner, snuggling on the couch.

Baby faces back in the beginning

Baby faces back in the beginning

We went to the Mosquito Fleet Winery and tasted three reds and a port. We ended up buying three of the four wines we tasted. While sipping on some tasty reds (my favorite was the 2011 Sophia), we chatted with the other wine sipping patrons.

A lovely lady recommended that we write down now what we love about each other and what keeps us together now.

Write down all the things that you love about each other. Then, when life starts beating you down, you can remember and hold on to the pieces of each other that brought you together.

It was beautiful and thoughtful advice that inspired me to really narrow down the things I love about the Colbster.  At the 5 year mark, there are 10 things that make me love this man:

  1. He is incredibly funny. Like, snort milk through your nose funny. The kind of funny that makes your cheeks and side ache. The kind of funny that is embarrassing and inappropriate and timed perfectly. He’s the kind of funny that makes the hard times bearable and the good times hysterical.
  2. He is patient. Maybe saint level patient. The level of crap he lets slide off him is impressive. I’m demanding and loud and feisty. He takes it all in stride.
  3. He is flexible. This might be the #1 reason we’ve made it this far. When I am at the point of breaking, he’s willing to bend to keep us together.
  4. He is strong. I don’t have a lot of patience for pushovers and yet, I require a  lot of flexibility. He holds his ground when its important to him and it works as a perfect balance for us.
  5. He is adventurous. I come up with a decent amount of schemes to try and he generally deep sighs and then lets me go. He comes up with fun date ideas and dreams about vacations for the two of us. He’s willing to try just about anything.
  6. He is an awesome friend. He’s always up to hang out, talk crap, have a laugh. He’s there when I need to unload and when I just want to lounge around.
  7. He believes in romance.  Sometimes I forget we’re more than roommates. I get lost in the routine. I can always count on him to say something sweet, offer kisses or neck rubs to remind me we’re more.
  8. He loves my our dog (& the cats although he refuses to admit it). From day one, Bella and the Colbster were friends. Over the years, he’s taken over caring for the pets as his own. He’s made them ours, not just mine.
  9. He makes me feel amazing. On bad days, he takes care of me. He cooks dinner, rubs my neck and tells me I’m beautiful. On good days, he does the same thing.
  10. He’s good looking. This one might be a little shallow and sometimes, it’s completely irrelevant. However, there are times I’m just completely overwhelmed with how attractive he is. I can’t believe I landed such a great looking guy.
and the saga continues...

and the saga continues…

There are probably a million other things I could say about my partner. I got lucky and we’ve built a solid relationship. He still drives me crazy when he leaves the kitchen cupboards open or eats in bed. I still threaten him daily when he leaves beer bottles in the living room, but truly, I adore him and five years feels like nothing and everything.

Today we’re spending the day lounging and watching the Seahawks play. It’s a lazy day spent like most weekends, but this is the beginning of the next 5+ years for us.

Here’s to the next 5 years babe. I’m incredibly grateful for you. And good luck living through today if you leave that bottle on the table.

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