No more excuses…

Bella hard at work

Bella hard at work

I don’t want to write, but I don’t want my blog stale. It’s a dilemma.

I mean, I want to write, but not right now. I have post ideas, but I’m distracted and have a bit of writers block. This blog has been neglected for too long, but I’ve got my mind running in a million different directions.

SO! I’m going to stick a few things up to just show some gratitude for the life I live.

I got a promotion! 🙂
I’m now the Director of Engagement at LexBlog.

I got new glasses, but I’m still waiting for them to come in. IMG_6316.JPG-1
They’re really cute though.

I got my annual physical and my doctor says I’m in perfect health.
See how great it is when you eat your veggies?

I completed my reading challenge and am 129% ahead in reading for the year.
This is a big deal for me because I had a goal this year to read more for me.

Bella came to work with me last week. 
It was wonderful to have her with me and I loved every second of it.

Not the most exciting post, but I needed to get something up here so I stopped using having nothing as an excuse.

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