Telling your story: Is that niche enough?

Photo by Flickr user Jill Clardy

Photo by Flickr user Jill Clardy

How do you tell your story? How do you use your story to connect with others?

A few weeks back I attended a #MozTalk with some of my work peeps on Digital Storytelling. (If you want the official break down you can find it on Please Advise.) This experience was cool because I got to thinking about how people connect through stories. And how stories can connect people. And then, how I tell my own.

This post started more as a musing based on a handful of conversations I’ve had in the past couple months. I had a fantastic conversation with a co-worker about expressing yourself through blogging. We both struggle with maintaining our focus and voice in the various places we publish content. We’re multifaceted and so our writing tends to be as well. She had positive things to say about which was great since I had been feeling a little unsure about it at the time. Where was I going with this blog? 

Then yesterday I made a joke with a friend about a author I liked. She (Katy Bowman) writes the way I speak – frequently interrupting herself to make a joke or comment on what she just wrote. (Move Your DNA is her book and she also has a rad blog, Katy Says). She tells her “story” in a way that I identify with. How do I learn to do this as effectively as Katy? 

I started this blog with the intent of turning it into a niche blog. Something that could highlight who I was and what I was capable of. The plan was that it would ultimately end up as a specific niche blog. Maybe leadership or coaching or blogging or animals. If niches lead to riches (the most obnoxious line ever), how do I make this blog a niche worth reading?

Photo by Flickr user Nasir Nasrallah

Photo by Flickr user Nasir Nasrallah

As I’ve continued to write here, maybe the niche emerging is more the theme of me, rather than a topic I’ve selected. These are the stories of Audrea. The leadership lessons I’ve learned. The coaching that’s shaped me. The history of my love of animals and the journal of blogging. My niche is Audrea.

Is that enough? Will someone read this collection of musings and see what I’m capable of? Will someone, one day, be able to point to this as the picture of who I am or what I love?

Who knows. But I’m going to keep telling this story. Keep the narrative in my voice and continue to watch this unfold. Maybe by next month or next year the niche will appear. The topic will solidify. Maybe it will be just as random as it’s ever been. Either way, it will be mine. It’ll be my story, my voice, my telling. Hopefully, it will connect with someone who is looking for a story like mine.

This is mine but how will you tell yours? Do our stories connect us?

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