The Importance of Taking Breaks and Getting Rest

sick-croppedDo you ever have a lesson that you just can’t seem to learn? Even though you know, 1+1=2, you just keep being unprepared for the result each time the problem comes up? That’s me. I’m trying to learn how to rest. How to take breaks and stop the cycle of busy. I’m still surprised when 1+1=2.

I got a really bad flu last week. I stayed home from work (although kept working) 2 days & I probably should’ve stayed home all week. Actually, if I’m honest, I should’ve spent the week napping instead of working from home but I didn’t & I wore myself down.

Obviously, I didn’t make myself sick intentionally but I did refuse to acknowledge that it would slow me down. I stayed home to protect my coworkers from the flu, not to recover. I hate being sick so instead of taking a day or two & letting it pass, I fight it. I pretend I’m fine. I push through until I feel better & I’m always surprised when the force of my will isn’t enough.

We need breaks. We NEED breaks. As human beings, we need rest to recover. Just like your muscles needs rest to build, we need rest to grow. I have such a hard time with this concept. I glorify and glamorize the busy life. But busy doesn’t mean productive and I’m re-learning that slogging away the hours doesn’t make me feel accomplished.

In an attempt at re-education, I’ve been reading a bunch of posts from Crew Blog. It’s one of my favorite new brain breaks.

In Mikael Cho’s post, How to be more productive by not being productive, he aptly states:

We weren’t made to operate at peak performance for hours on end.

We aren’t meant to operate for hours on end in general. One of the best things you can do to improve your productivity would be to take breaks and get some rest.

In honor of my re-education I have big plans to do nothing this long weekend. I’m hoping to read a few books, spend some time sitting around & getting in a few naps.

With the 3 day weekend, I can spend most of my time resting & devote a little time to food preparation & house cleaning without feeling overwhelmed. I’m going to ignore my inbox & maybe take my lil’ fur baby nurse out for a light hike.

Any fun plans set for your weekend?

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons artist TheGiantVermin.

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