I’m Late and I Don’t Know What to Write About.

I have this blog. It’s great. I love writing on it but I’m not always good about writing consistently. I’m guessing anyone who has a blog understands the struggle. When I’m inspired, I can write several posts at once. When a little less inspired, I can create drafts that at least have topics to inspire me at a later time.

Today I got bubkis. No drafts left, no topics I want to talk about and not an ounce of inspiration. So what do you write about when you don’t have anything to write about? 

Writing is a discipline that requires practice. There is no quick trick for becoming a better blogger. There are no shortcuts for inspiration either. Successful blogging requires that you commit to blogging. There is nothing wrong with taking a break here or there but it’s important to make the commitment that works for you.

I set up Mondays and Thursdays for writing. Today is Tuesday and I still don’t have a post idea.

I’ve written steps for staying committed to blogging but it doesn’t help with being inspired to blog when you have no clue what to talk about. So what does help?

Think about what usually inspires you

I commute on the ferry most days. It is beautiful and peaceful and it makes me feel so grateful for my life. Staring out at the water, the city, the islands in the Puget Sound help me feel grounded and often they stir up the waters of inspiration. Do you have a place or a reoccurring spot that encourages inspiration?

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Looking good spring! #SeattleFerry

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Listen to others – let them inspire you

Do you follow other blogs? Do you have topics that you follow? Is there another conversation you can join in? Creating content for your blog can be as simple as looking out at what is happening in the world and joining in on the discussion.

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My beautiful fur baby staring out. #pitsofig

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Bella is GREAT at checking out the world around her. 🙂

Say thank you and see how far that takes you

Gratitude can be wildly effective for inspiration. My lovely co-worker and friend, Lauren, and I recently wrote a post on the power of gratitude and just the act of thinking about gratitude was inspiring. What makes you grateful? Who makes you thankful? Can you harness that for future posts?

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It's a good reminder.

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Entertain yourself

When all else fails, just have fun. This is your blog, you can do whatever you want. Be goofy, be silly, be you. If you can’t think of anything, then just trying telling the blog that you’re out of ideas and maybe you’ll write a post on how to write a post when you can’t think of what to write. 🙂


I think today’s post was pretty successful. I don’t know that it’s the best post I’ve ever written but I participated in the practice of blogging. I wrote about what I was thinking. I was authentically me.

How do you stay inspired? What do you write about when you have bubkis? Also, bubkis is a great word!

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