Finding Time for a Sunday Nap

Morning kitten snuggles.

Morning kitten snuggles.

Weekends tend to be pretty busy for me. Ugh. I hate that word – busy. I’m one of those people. Always so busy.

My weekends tend to be filled with all the things I can’t get done during the week. I commute from my paradise on the water to my job in Seattle 4 days a week –  about 4 hours round trip. This gives me about 2-3 hours at home before I go to bed.

I have issues eating eggs, dairy, banana and spinach as well as soy and wheat which makes eating out a challenge. This means I tend to do a lot of cooking over the weekends to avoid having to cook much in the evening and have meals while at work.

I also tend to do big cleaning sessions over the weekend  where I focus on all the things I ignored during the week. Anything more than dishes can be daunting and I try to protect the weeknight evenings for time with the Colbster or relaxing.

Weekends where we have to socialize with family or friends is both exciting (because I have the coolest family/friends ever!) and stressful because I have to manage cleaning and cooking around that.

Do you see how that entire list above sounds like I’m complaining? I kind of am. It’s not fun being busy.

The goal of the weekend work is to make sure that I have healthy foods during the week and a clean home to keep me sane during the week. All of the “work” that I try to pack into my weekends to make the work week easier can be exhausting and draining. There has got to be a balance between the week and weekend work that I am just not finding. At some point, all this busyness isn’t healthy. In fact, controlled busyness can cause it’s own  level of stress and anxiety – which I’m obviously feeling.

This weekend, I made a choice to relax at all costs.

I woke up at 5am unable to sleep but instead of cleaning the bathroom or starting the laundry, I made a pot of Toro coffee, curled up with the kindle, the cats and watched the sunrise over the water.

Nap time + pit bull snuggles = happy place

Nap time + pit bull snuggles = happy place

The Colbster and I spent the afternoon shopping for flooring and when we got home I was exhausted (not having slept well this morning) but had a huge list of things I hadn’t finished due to relaxing this morning. I had sourdough bread to bake, breakfast to prep, laundry to wash and I wanted to write a blog post. Instead, I listened to my body. I crawled into bed and passed out. As it turns out, I felt better when I got up and I still got everything done.

I think it’s common to focus on your to-do list and prioritize it over doing what makes you feel better. I have been recently inspired by a post published on Please Advise that encourages making time for what you love. It can be tough to remember that doing what you love is less tiring than a to-do list. A clean house does make me feel better during the week but being exhausted because I cleaned house when I needed to rest is counterproductive. Prepping meals ahead of time will help me stay healthy but so will devoting some creative time to writing.

I don’t know how to balance the need-to-dos with the want-to-dos but I’m trying. Finding time to rest and recharge has to take priority. I love lazy Sundays. I love mornings spent with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book. I love pitbull snuggles. I love seeing my friends and family. I also really enjoy a clean house, a week’s worth of healthy food and time spent getting shit done. It’s all about finding balance and deciding what to prioritize.

I’m going to work on being less busy and doing more of what I love.

Are your weekends full? How do you decide what to prioritize? Got any tips for me?

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