Bella, The Loving Pit, is the Majority

I am in love. I am obsessed. I think you should be too. At the very least, you should know about it.

The Majority Project is a site I originally found through their Facebook page. It is a pit bull advocacy page that highlights “the majority” of responsible pit bull owners. Go check them out, now. I’ll wait here… 

This campaign even has a few celebrities in it, including Jon Bernthal from the Walking Dead.

My favorite part of this campaign is the focus on responsible dog ownership over targeting and legislating against specific breeds. I hate the bad rap that pit bulls and pit bull owners get. Especially since I happen to have a pit bull and she’s lovely.

Bella gets along swimmingly with “her kitties.”


She’s great with “her kids.”


She’s a fantastic snuggler.


And she’s incredibly tolerate of all the shenanigans that we throw at her.


Bella is a pit mix. She’s a 6 year old, 65lb bundle of love. She has pretty normal temperament and behavior. She has gone through a couple of training courses and while she can sit, stay, down, shake, say please & give kisses, Bella didn’t go through any training for temperament. She is a good hearted dog and has been since day one. She is food and praise motivated so she’s pretty easy to train but it is the “pit” in her that drives her to snuggle, to cuddle, to worry over her kids and keep an eye on her kitties. She is the majority. She is all love.


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