Do you follow anyone’s blog? Do you engage with your community?


I’m pretty sure they’re all glued to my blog post!

A key component to blogging is reaching an audience. Ideally, this audience would be the one you’ve chosen. It would consist of the community you wish to exist in. Knowing your community and listening to ongoing online discussions allows you to join the conversation. You can engage with the people and topics you are interested in.

Who you follow can help shape how you participate in the online world. I personally, follow more folks on Facebook than anywhere else with blogs and Twitter coming in afterwards. However, the following blogs are ones that I read almost religiously. They are in my feedly, they are in my inbox & if they are on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, I follow them there to. This is my community currently and like the rest of me, it’s a collection of randomness. 

My Blogging 101 assignment was to Say Hello To the Neighbors and to start following others. I added a few new sites but I’ve already built a list of my favorites.

  1. Keep the Tail Wagging – I met the author, Kimberly Gauthier, at a WordCamp in Seattle and not only did I fall in love her blog but I thought she was pretty awesome. I also follow her every move on Facebook.
  2. The Paleo Mom – I love this blog for it’s scientific approach to paleo. There are lots of great paleo blogs out there but just eating paleo doesn’t actually make you an expert on nutrition. Science on the other hand…
  3. NomNom Paleo – There is literally nothing on this blog I wouldn’t eat. Everything is  amazing!
  4. Joy’s Jabberings –  This is my cousin’s blog and she owns my very favorite tea shop ever. Plus I contribute to this bad boy every now and again. Naomi (my cousin with tea connections) is hilarious and she gives me free tea.
  5. Steep Stories – Stories from Geoff that will make your sides hurt from laughing. No tea was injured in the making of this blog – but a ton was consumed.
  6. Phoebe the Warrior – This is a personal blog as I am friends with the authors but I love how it is inspiring, entertaining and educational all wrapped into one. I might be biased though because all the photos of Phoebe make me fall in love.
  7. Full Spirited – I actually found this site very recently but I think Ariel Frey is so incredibly inspiring. Also, she’s cute as a button.
  8. Summer Innanen – A hilarious and encouraging site for positive body image. I love Summer’s message of acceptance.
  9. Animated Cardigan – This is mostly a fashion blog but it’s from a girl who LOVES her body even though she’s not a skinny buff lady. I love her confidence and self acceptance. Plus her clothes are super cute!
  10. Eccentric Owl – This is another fashion blog that I stumbled on one day and I honestly have no clue why I follow it. The fashion isn’t my style and I don’t really relate to the author’s story but she’s a great photographer and so I regularly check the site when I have some downtime. I love it but I can’t really tell you why.
  11. Rand Fishkin’s blog – I work in the online world and therefore have to pay attention to SEO. Rand and the Moz team do a fantastic job of explaining, re-explaining and then creating explanatory videos of how SEO and the internet works.
  12. Everything Matters Blog – This is a work blog authored by the lovely marketing director, Cara McDonald, at LexBlog. I love her and her blog is beautiful. I love how she breaks down the massive and overwhelming world of marketing into small bite sized nuggets of awesome.
  13. Please Advise – This is another work blog but one that I help to manage and also contribute to. It’s a chorus of information on all things blogging for the legal realm. Don’t be dismayed if you’re not an attorney though, there is a wealth of information on social media for business development here that works for everyone.

For some of these blogs, like the Moz blog and Eccentric Owl, I’m a pretty passive follower but I like to make sure I’m listening and keeping up with the conversations. For others, like the Paleo Mom and Joy’s Teaspoon,  I also engage them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There is a dialogue to go with my daily obsession. I encourage you to pick the folks that you follow and figure out how to involve yourself in the conversation.

Do you follow any of my favs? Who are your favorite bloggers? Who is in your community?

Opening image by Flickr Creative Commons user Ivan T. 

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