What’s in an audience? How do you target your dream reader?

Now that I have you all in one place...

Now that I have you all in one place…

I  have been blessed with a pretty active imagination. As a kid, it didn’t take much for me to be transported away into a world that I imagined for myself. As anyone in my family can tell you, I used that imagination to do some pretty adorable (ridiculous) things. I used to hold my feet together in my grandma’s pool, flap my legs, sing out loud and pretend I was Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

I would look out over my cousins and siblings and pretend they were my audience listening to my nearly perfect rendition of Part of Your World. Turns out, my siblings and about half of my cousins weren’t into it. (Thanks to the cool cousins who thought I was hilarious.) So how do you pick your dream audience? And more importantly, once you know who they are, how do you speak to them directly?

  1. Know your audience: My brothers were probably tired of hearing the Little Mermaid, let alone me sing it for the millionth time. However, for the older cousins who hadn’t seen me in a little, it was pretty adorable.
  2. Know what your audience is looking for: At a summer party around grandma’s pool, the family is just looking to visit and be entertained. Obviously my brothers have seen my dress rehearsals that were held nightly in the bathtub but my cousins thought everything I did was entertaining. I could do no wrong so long as I was trying to be cute.
  3. Speak directly to your audience: I wasn’t trying to impress my brothers. I had already lost that battle. I really wasn’t trying to impress my cousins either. I just really wanted to be a mermaid. I also loved singing. I let my imagination take me away and sang to my cousins… just like they were whozits and whatzits galore in my underground cavern.

Today’s assignment from Blogging 101 is to write to your dream audience. I great trick for targeting your audience when writing is to picture one or two people specifically and write the post to them. For this post, I pictured my cousins, Naomi and Sarah. Both of them happened to be at the pool and I had a 50% approval rating between the both of them. It is very likely that no one else will enjoy this post the way they will but that’s okay. It was good practice remembering to write directly to my dream audience. Write for a person or small group, not for the subject matter overall.

Do you have embarrassing stories of your childhood? Have you figured out  your dream blog audience?


Opening image cropped. Original by Flickr Creative Commons user JJ.

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