How valuable is a tagline?

The sign said no one over 95lbs. Whoops.

The sign said no one over 95lbs. Whoops.

Today’s Blogging 101 challenge is to write your tagline. Dang. Taglines aren’t really my sweet spot. Neither are titles. I’m not witty and I don’t know how to create catchy one liners. A tagline doesn’t have to be either of those things but that’s what I would prefer.

Now my mother, she can write a tagline. She’s a punster. A master of spontaneous creativity and humor. But that is neither here nor there because my mother will not be writing my tagline. (I texted her but she hasn’t responded.)

Idea #1

I started out with All Things Audrea because that is literally what this site is going to be until I figure out what I want it to be when it grows up. This blog is my attempt to carve out a place in this series of tubes where I talk about the only thing I have any real expertise on… Me. (Hi!) But that is a rather boring, tired tagline.

Idea #2

I had a blog idea once for a blog called, “Audrea Learns to Eat” with a tagline of “figuring out food is hard” so I tried that on for size. One thing that is very likely to be discussed on this site is how many foods I can’t eat. I have issues with dairy, eggs, wheat, spinach & bananas. I know how ridiculous that list is – I mean really, bananas?  But there are a ton of food bloggers out there & I get tired of talking about my food issues so moving on.

Idea #3

Meet my idiots, Hobbes and Bella

Meet my idiots, Hobbes and Bella

I thought about starting a pit bull blog called “Bella, the Cowardly Pit” with the tagline, “life under the table” but I don’t know how much I have to contribute to the world of pit bull advocacy since I seem to be failing at growing a real dog. Mine, Bella, wants to be a bunny rabbit who snuggles with kittens & hides from the microwave when it beeps. While she’ll probably play a significant role in building my online persona, I don’t think I’m built to be solely a pit bull blogger & life under the table is rather boring if you’re not scared of all the things that move.

Idea # wait, I’m lost.  

I believe my biggest issue with selecting a tagline is that I have a variety of ideas that I want to write about BUT as a social media and blogging coach by day, I know that niches are really where the best blogs are at. Finding your passion and blogging with authority is how to write a blog that someone might enjoy reading. But I haven’t landed on a niche so picking a tagline is tough.

And the winner is….

I eventually landed on “Learning how to be Audrea, one post at a time” because that’s what I’m doing right now.

I know “how” to blog but I don’t know how to build up my own brand. Well, I do know but I haven’t practiced it yet. I don’t know how to focus in yet. Eventually, I’ll have a blog with a purpose or a journal of all things Audrea – boring & disjointed as it might be. I’m learning, one post at a time I guess.

Are you good at taglines? Any suggestions for a better one? I’m open to feedback.

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